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The 'Plek om te Zijn' is located in a former school building in Ondiep, near the Amsterdamse straatweg.

The classroom is no longer recognizable as such. It has been transformed into an atmospheric space. In this space we have both the meditation sessions and the mindfulness training (MBSR).


The first time can sometimes be a bit of a search.
To find the space:

  1. Enter the schoolyard through the gate on Mariëndaalstraat.

  2. Walk through the front door.

  3. Go up the stairs to classroom 9. You'll recognize it by the carpet and the chairs in front of the room.

If you can't find it, feel free to call Joris at +31623537936.


Feel free to join our sessions!

You'll be warmly welcomed by Ella and Joris.

See you soon!


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