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A day of self-care

1-day workshop in nature
of Amelisweerd

We can make life complex. We obligate ourselves so much.
And we can be our own biggest enemy.
What if we could be our own best friend?

How would it feel to:
Make take time for yourself,
See cleerly what’s important to you,
Do what’s best for you,
And remain kind to yourself.

That’s a wonderful thing right?
I welcome you to come to Amelisweerd where you'll have the space to see clearly what's best for you right now.

We will be in nature, because I think it's great to explore this topic while we are upon the grass, on the little paths, between the trees and below the sun.

And nature can be a great teacher.
A tree is always patient. It grows, in a slow pace.
A tree isn’t bothered by a broken branch.
A tree is as it is.

Well, that’s what a tree teaches me.
But maybe you see something different.
I’m curious what nature teaches you.

This day we will do some self-compassion exercises to support your process.
But probably you will learn most from nature, the silence and your fellow participants.

Some practical details:

Global schedule
10u-12u Self-compassion round 1
12u-13u Lunch
13u-15u Self-compassion round 2

This event is free of charge, according to the dana (act of generosity) I offer this event to you and you have a possibility to offer a donation in return.

We meet at restaurant ‘De veldkeuken’ in Utrecht and from there we go for a tour through Amelisweerd.

English or dutch, depending on the language of participants

What to bring:
- Clothing suitable for the weather conditions
- your own lunch and some fruit/snacks
- water bottle
- a blanket or something else to sit on (optionally)
- a notebook (optionally)

I really feel that this is something I want to do,
And I’m looking forward to the moment that I can welcome you in Amelisweerd!
Any questions, comments or do you want to register?

Feel free to reach out to me on +31623537936

All the best,


I hope to see you on the next event!
For the schedule and reservations please go to the calendar:

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