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Guided mindfulness experience in the nature of Amelisweerd 


This event is for people who like to slow down, open up and connect.

Let's have a moment of being.

Mindfulness is great, being in nature is great, what about being mindful in nature?!

I host a mindfulness experience in the nature of Amelisweerd. We will move through Amelisweerd and pick some nice spots to meditate. You can expect 3-hours of mindfulness, with guided mindfulness exercices, walking in silence and moments to connect with eachother.

The invitation for this event is to be most of the time in silence. I really would like to create an experience for people that goes below the surface. There will be room for chitchat and getting to know eachter before and after the event. During the event I would like to offer an experience in which you can really feel your body and your emotions. I would like to give you the opportunity to open up, to sense the nature and to welcome everything that comes up for you.

This event is both for people that are experienced with mindfulness as for people who are new to it and who are curious what mindfulness can mean for them.


Other practicalities:
- Please bring a water bottle to hydrate yourself
- Optionally bring a snack
- We walk for about +/- 1 - 1,5 hour, it is recommended to wear decent shoes and to pack lightly
- Please bring something to sit on the grass (e.g. towel, blanket, piece of plastic)
- We gather at Restaurant Veldkeuken in Amelisweerd

I'm looking to meet you at the event!

All the best,


I hope to see you on the next event!
For the schedule and reservations please go to the calendar:

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