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Be welcome at conscious connection

Date: 21st of May 2023
Time: 10h – 16h
Location: Grytte Malie
Contribution: €35 

Supporter ticket: €42,50

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Feeling so connected to a group that it feels like there’s a bubble around you. The rest of the world isn’t there for a moment. Because, now, for this moment, it’s just you, together as a group.

Be welcome to join conscious connection. A day in which Ella and Joris will hold the space for deeper connections.

Before we share more about the event, we would like to share with you where this event is coming from. At the end of ‘Plek om te Zijn’ meditation evenings we often have the space to share from the heart. People share their fears, sadness and joyful moments. It’s beautiful to listen to these honest personal stories.
After the sharings, the whole room feels warm and connected and we cycle home with a feeling of ‘wow’... Being part of a group feels so powerful. The group holds space and gives you support to be your true self, including all your purest emotions. We felt strongly that we wanted to create more space for conscious connection. And that's how this event was born. With the first edition on April the 30th.

This day you can expect different practices related to conscious connection. Think of meditations, nonverbal communication, sharing from the heart and more. Every practice has its own message, are you ready to explore this? With your openness and curiosity you will dive deeper and embrace everything that this practice will show you. Take a curious mind to explore what it moves in you.

'Close your eyes to connect with your inner world. Being conscious of what happens inside and feeling how much love you have stored here.
Open your eyes to connect with the outer world and see there are many other people around you. Meeting the eyes of the person in front of you and see yourself through the eyes of the other. Feel we are one!'

We’re looking forward to welcome you at the beautiful mansion Grytte Maliebaan45!

There are limited places left, so if you want to be sure of your spot we recommend to reserve now!

Please bring your own lunch and comfortable clothes! There are limited places left, so if you want to be sure of your spot we recommend to reserve now by sending a message to +31623537936.

Let’s form a bubble of connection together!

Joris and Ella

We hope to see you on the next event!
For the schedule and reservations please go to the calendar:


Foto's conscious connection

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