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Sunday Service

Space for purpose and meaning

  • School

Beschrijving van de dienst

Most of us don’t go to church anymore, but we do look for purpose and meaning. Let’s create space for that. And share this path (sometimes in silence) with others. We will create the program for this sunday morning service together, so you have the opportunity to contribute to it. Feel free and very welcome to add: - A song, one that we can sing or listen to together. - A story, which can be a personal story, a religious story or any other inspiring story. - Tea/snack to share - Little exercise which adds to the feeling of meaning, for example a contemplation about a big question, or anything else. - Anything else that contributes to the topic of meaning and purpose and/or the setting. Please send me a message on WhatsApp to tell more about your contribution (+31623537936). Please also feel free to come if you have no contribution in mind. It’s totally fine to just come to experience the session.

Aankomende sessies


  • Mariëndaalstraat 25, Utrecht, Netherlands


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